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SMH: Things You Need to Know About the Acronym

Acronyms have become popular ever since social media platforms have extended their services to social networking and chats. A lot of people use them to express themselves better. If you have been using online chats and messages, for sure you have come across the acronym SMH and ask yourself what does SMH mean. If you want to know what this acronym truly means, then this article has got you covered. Clearly, the meaning of SMH is different across individuals and the world as you know it.

With SMH being present in a lot of posts online and on social media, the meaning of this acronym is Shaking My Head in either disbelief or disappointment. Coming across something truly stupid or a situation that is hard to digest triggers the use of this acronym. If you want others to know what you think about the humor or stupidity of other people, then typing this acronym is a great way to express yourself. The use of this acronym is also associated with anything like a video or an incident that you think is so absurd that it left you shocked. You often seen the use of SMH across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube videos. A lot of popular memes and gifs also have SMH as content.

Seeing and hearing SMH a lot are just too common if you are in use of social media on a daily basis. This particular acronym is also being modified and rephrased by several of its users. When it comes to people who can’t get enough of using expletives, changing SMH into SMMFH or SMFH in online messages and social networking sites is very common too.

Even if SMH is defined quite simply, you have to understand that its popularity comes from the millennials who have created and circulated it online. When it comes to these people, they often express how they reflect and connect their emotions on certain scenarios with just typing these acronyms comprised of three letters.

You can simply use website search engines to know the meaning of SMH. Generally, the meaning that you will get is either Shaking My Head or Shake My Head in surprise, shock, disappointment, or disbelief. When you log into your Twitter or Facebook account and use a hashtag before SMH, you will see posts or videos that are just too stupid for you to see. Besides Shaking My Head, some people use the acronym SMH for So Much Hate. In terms of popularity, though, Shaking My Head stands out.

All in all, SMH is an acronym that will remain on your screens for quite some time seeing as how easily people can type them to express their emotions. A lot of people online around the world also follow this acronym. However, just like any other online trend, this will appear and disappear in no time.

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