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The Benefits of Having a Car

People, a few centuries ago relied on animals for their transport. Horse driven carriages were the go to mode of transport and this too, was only for the elite families. Growing accustomed to the use of metal beasts over the use of animals for transport was a great leap for us as mankind. Comfort that comes from travelling with said metal beasts is far greater than when one uses horses and other animals for transport.

For starters, the use of cars in this age has enabled flexibility for the many users. Long ago, as we have earlier established, the use of animals was rampant. Rail was also a widely used means of transport. Trains were used for transporting minerals that have been mined, transporting coal as well as people traveling to far off lands. As the times changed and also the use of boats and air planes were incorporated, social classes only grew since all these modes of transport came with social stratification. Economy, business and first class couches were introduced. Cars are able to lower the effects of social stratification. One does not necessarily need to book a ticket beforehand, nor do they have to endure horse back for hours at a time.

Many people have developed a sense of personal independence. Going to work, shopping and even going to hang out with friends has never been easier. When we look at this particular advantage, we are able to see the other pleasures it affords us. When one is in need of urgent medical assistance, for instance, getting an ambulance is just one call away and they are able to get immediate help. If by chance they are in the rural areas that do not have ambulances, a residence with a car proves to be valuable since they are able to transport the ailing person to the nearest hospital center in the shortest time possible.

Pleasure trips and unplanned vacations can be taken when one has a car. It is not usually an uncommon sight to see families decide to go for vacation weekends. Getting up, they pack their luggage into the trunks of their cars and leave for their destinations. Access to just any remote area in the country is no able to be achieved by just any means of transport. Rail limits you to the areas with rail line while the use of boats limit one to the areas with water bodies. The owning of a car therefore, becomes very valuable and profitable in the end.

If cars had not been invented yet, we would be stuck in a very stressful time. The significance of cars in our lives is indisputable since their value to us is clearly seen.

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